Saving Money and Energy with Two Stage AC Systems


If your current air conditioning unit is old or failing, you should consider replacing it with a two stage AC system. These systems give you better cooling and energy efficiency which simply means you can put your energy costs under control without sacrificing your comfort.

Understanding a Two Stage Cooling System

If you are wondering what the difference is between a standard AC system and a two stage unit, it is all in the compressor. Standard systems also referred to as single stage cooling units, run at one speed only and that is high speed.

If you want to cool your home under a standard AC system, the unit cycles at full blast whether your cooling needs are high or low. Oftentimes this results into wasted energy.

In the vein, a two stage cooling system serves to conditions your indoor air, but at two speeds; high and low. The two stage AC systems also incorporate variable speed air handlers which help in adjusting the air moving into your home thus giving you the ultimate experience in energy efficiency and comfort.

How Two Stage Cooling System Operates

As opposed to the single stage AC systems, two stage units run at their lower speed for a period equal to 80% of the time. At this speed, the cooling system can meet the cooling load of your home. Even as the temperatures go up, a two stage system running at its lower speed is sufficient to keep your home comfortable.

Standard AC units tend to shut on and off, but a two stage unit runs continuously. The benefits of continuous running include longer life cycle, better dehumidification, lower energy costs, and energy efficient performance. When the temperatures become extreme, your two stage AC system precisely adjusts its output to keep up with the demand.

Benefits of Two Stage AC Systems

Looking at the energy efficiency that comes with the two stage AC system and the reduced utility costs, there is virtually no reason why a homeowner should stick with the old single stage cooling system. To add to these benefits are:

Improved Humidity Control

An AC running continuously can help dehumidify your indoor air better. When you have short and strong blasts of air, your AC system doesn’t get enough time to remove water vapor from your indoor environment. However, for a continuous running AC system, the coils get sufficient time to gradually draw water vapor into the AC system and then evaporate.


Because the two stage cooling system operates continuously, it doesn’t result into drastic deferring temperatures within your home. This means all through the cycles, you will be comfortable and experience little variation if any in temperature.

These systems also have a longer service lives because the ons and offs result into wear and tear. The only thing you need to take care of when operating two stage AC systems is to schedule annual preventive maintenance exercises.

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