Reasons Why you Experience Partial Cooling in Your Home

cooling your homeEvery homeowner desires a HVAC system that is balanced and supplies the right amount of cooled air to each and every room within the house for even air conditioned spaces. However, it should also be appreciated that balancing a HVAC system is not an easy job and some floor plans may pose difficulties when it comes to system balancing. Most of the affected homes in this regard are long ranch style homes and two story homes.

When your home experiences uneven cooling in some rooms, you need expert diagnosis so that the root cause can be identified and sorted once and for all. Among the reasons why you experience differential cooling include:

Dirty Air Filters

Filters play a crucial role in barring particles from coming into your indoor space. However, with time, these filters become dirty and as such needs to be cleaned or replaced. The recommended replacement is usually once a month but if you are living in an area that doesn’t have a lot of dust, you can change your filters once in three months.

Dirty filters interfere with the air flow and they can let in some particles that clog your coils and limits their cooling capacity.

Closed Air Registers

When air registers are closed, a number of problems may result some of which cause unbalancing of your system and development of a condensate around the perimeter of the register. Such conditions encourage the growth of mold over the surface and accumulation of debris which may effectively block air flow.

Open Windows and Air Leaks

Although this may seem an obvious reason, fully open windows can result into massive streams of warm air coming into your home thereby affecting the cooling system performance. Your AC unit will have to work extra hard to cover up and manage the incoming air. Putting blinders and window films can go a long way in blocking UV rays and stabilizing the room temperature.

Damaged Ductwork

Depending on how your home is designed, you may want to take the initiative and poke your head into the attic just to check if your ducts are okay. Ductwork tends to pull apart gradually at the points of connections. Also, small animals may find their way into the attic and poke holes in your duct system. If your attic is warmer than your house, you should investigate because there could be leakages resulting from the ductwork. Even newer ducts can at times be crimped by their hangers or be trampled by people as they go about their business in the attic. This can interrupt the air flow into your indoor space.

It is important to remember that you may never achieve total perfection because one room will always be a little warmer or cooler than the other. However, do not stand and watch as the temperature difference grows huge. Let your HVAC professional know the problem immediately.

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