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Clockwork Home Services

Summers in Miami Beach can really get hotter and at times unbearable. Remember, your home is the resting place after a busy day in the office or out in the field and as such you should get the best comfort possible. Having noisy and dripping window air conditioners may not serve you for a long time because their efficiency level is not as high and they do not cool much either. What you need is a quiet and efficient AC system to serve you and your family.

Our technicians at AC Repairs Miami Beach are qualified to do all that pertains to AC installation and replacement. If you have an existing ductwork, our servicemen experienced in retrofitting will cleverly hide your ductwork behind walls as well as in the back of closets without doing lots of cuts into wall and ceiling.

Heat Gain Calculation

Before installing your AC system, our technicians evaluate your house by conducting an Air Conditioning Contractors of America Manual J load calculation. This helps them to determine the heat gain your house is subject to. The importance of load calculation is to reveal the size of the AC unit you require so that we do not make a mistake installing the wrong system.

Sizing the Unit

Using the heat gain calculation above, AC Repairs Miami Beach technicians will go ahead and recommend an AC size which is usually expressed in either BTU/h or tonnage. For ease of calculation, 1 ton is equivalent to 12,000 BTU/h. the reason why we insist that you get the proper size system is because if we install an under size unit, your rooms wont be cooled down completely and this will cost you not only the comfort, but also money because the system will have to run longer in an attempt to cool your home.

On the other hand, an oversize unit will cost you more to operate because it takes lots of power to run a bigger unit. In addition, oversize AC systems do not lower humidity effectively.

The Types of AC Systems We Install

There are two main kinds of AC systems that we advise our customers to buy. These are the package system and the fan and coil system. The package system gangs the condenser which in turn cools the refrigerant and exhausts warm air. The fan and coil system on the other hand cools and blows the air.

We install fan and coil systems on the attic floor and pipe in a refrigerant from the outside condenser unit to help cool the air. The fan then blows it through the duct network to then rooms below. With a split system, we install the condenser system outside and the fun and coil system inside the house and connect the two with copper pipes which carry the refrigerant.

It is important that you have a professional inspect and install your AC system because even the positioning on the surface matters. A tilted base can easily affect the efficiency of the AC unit and it could be the reason why your AC keeps on failing.

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