AC Tune-Up Services and Why They Matter

ac-tune-up690Your AC system is one of the largest capital expenditures in your home. This means you need to take good care of it so that it can serve you for a long time. The simplest way you are guaranteed your AC system will serve you in an effective manner is through an AC tune-up.

The Common AC Tune-Up Services Offered

Inefficient HVAC systems have a negative impact on your resources because they almost double your energy consumption. Similarly, the financial burden posed by frequent breakdowns also consumes your financial resources. This is precisely why the HVAC industry has a collection of tune-up services targeted at maintaining your AC units in their best form possible. Among the tune-ups services available include:

Checking Thermostat Calibration – A thermostat is a sensitive component and at times when exposed to dirt, it tends to malfunction. Whenever the thermostat is clogged with dirt, it can make the entire system to overheat which waste energy and exposes some of the AC components to excessive heat. When you hire HVAC professionals, they clean up and restore the calibration of the thermostats.

Monitoring of Refrigerant Pressure – The moment your AC unit starts to experience pressure and temperature changes, the problem could be in the refrigerant. HVAC technicians inspect your unit for refrigerant leakages and seal them to avoid further fluctuations in temperatures and pressures. In case of refrigerant leakages, the experts who are licensed by EPA to handle refrigerants will replenish your AC unit with the right refrigerant.

Inspection and Clean-Up of Condenser Coil – As far as cooling and heating operations are concerned; the condenser coil is the center of activity. However, when it comes in contact with polluted air, its effectiveness may deteriorate. AC professionals assess and clean all the condenser coils using specialized materials and equipment so as to bring them back into a working condition.

Inspection of the Blower Motor – The reason why you should not take chances with the blower motor is because a small element of dirt can cost you more than 20 percent in air conditioning inefficiency. Ensure every part of the blower system is cleaned including the blades.

In addition to the above services, you can also get the AC technicians to:

  • Clean condensate drain
  • Lubricate moving parts as required
  • Test condensate pump
  • Test starting capabilities
  • Measure amperage and voltage
  • Check Superheat and Sub-cooling

For a detailed coverage and an in-depth explanation of each of these tune-up services, get in touch with an established and reputable HVAC company.

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